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nor3 | Canyoning in Cantabria | Aján Canyon


Canyons were originally explored by going upstream, using techniques borrowed from caving and alpinism. The first canyon descents started at the beginning of the twentieth century, which led to the development of equipment and techniques specific to this activity.

Today, it is a booming and increasingly popular sport in its own right, with its own equipment, techniques and ropework. This evolution has enabled canyoneers to take on ever bigger challenges. Some of these challenges in the 21st century include high altitude jumps, tackling almost impassable conditions, winter flow and “heart in the mouth” vertical drops, etc.

Canyoning Training Courses
nor3 provides you with a complete and incremental training programme that prepares you to safely perform canyon descents. The training is given by certified instructors and will open the doors to this exciting sport, paying special attention to your safety and autonomy.

Two levels, novice and advanced, with each including two modules. Each of these modules consists of two full training days. To complete our training package, nor3 also offers Short Specialisation Courses.

In the novice level course (Novice-1 + Novice-2), you will be taught the necessary skills to safely handle medium difficulty canyons in adequate flow conditions and without rigging or complex ropework.

The advanced level training is focused on refining your technique and expanding the knowledge acquired in the novice course. This level provides the necessary skills to take on more challenging activities that require rigging, sophisticated ropework, good planning and more advanced understanding of swift water hydrology.