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nor3 | Trekking in Cantabria

Trekking Cantabria

Cantabria is an ideal region for trekking or hiking. Its geographical range provides an abundance of routes with both small or large height gains, near the sea or in the mountains. It is home to an unforgettable landscape, wonderful nature and a unique biodiversity given its location, all of which make trekking in Cantabria a special and unique experience.

nor3 offers the following types of Trekking or Hiking options

Established routes
We guide you on any of the officially approved routes by the Cantabrian Mountain federation, all the local trails (SL), short trails (PR) and of course the long-distance footpaths (GR).

Scheduled activities
If you are on your own and do not know which route to take or where to start exploring Cantabria, nor3 offers a calendar of yearly scheduled activities and routes for you to pick from.

A la Carte
Design your own itinerary or tell us about your ideas. nor3 is at your service to help you with everything you may require in realizing your project.

Whatever your sport, do not hesitate to contact us, our team of guides will be happy to advise you on everything we can.