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nor3 | Canyoning in Cantabria


Descending Canyons
Canyoning, which is descending canyons and narrow gorges, is an adventure sport that takes you along the higher sections of rivers and their narrow or wide riverbeds. The paths are varied, crossing areas of lots of water, such as natural rock pools, rapids and slides formed in the bedrock, sections that are partially or completely dry, and areas that lack or abound with riverbank vegetation. This variety provides different surroundings and landscapes for us to enjoy, some of which are unique and unforgettable.

During the descent we will encounter many obstacles that we will tackle by abseiling, jumping or by sliding down natural water slides, which makes the activity fun-packed and full of adrenaline.

In Cantabria there are canyons carved in limestone, sandstone and slate. Canyons for beginners, intermediates, advanced.

To enjoy them, select any of our proposed activities that range from descents that do not require the use of a rope, to canyons full of jumps or long, vertical abseils along incredible waterfalls.