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Caves in the Alto Asón
Cantabria, in particular the Alto Asón, is a European reference point for its underground heritage. There are over 9,000 catalogued cavities in Cantabria, of which 4,500 are concentrated in our region, the Alto Asón. Such a privilege to have these treasures hidden right beneath our feet.

The wonders that await you here are a formidable range of small and large caves, some with gigantic, others with narrow cave entrances, innumerable galleries, chasms, formations, underground lakes and rivers. One can visit a large variety of caves in Cantabria without leaving a single valley, the Asón.

Visits to the Caves
Thanks to this large variety of caves, we can offer tours for all levels. From simple and short speleological walks to complex caving activities. A complete menu to enjoy caving and everything it has to offer.