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nor3 | Caving in Cantabria | Coventosa - Los Gours

Cueva Coventosa – Los Gours

Level: Intermediate

Type of cave: Technical cave with roped ascents and descents. Large chambers, beautiful formations and the famous “gours” (flowstone deposits).

Approach and return: easy 15 min walking.

Requirements: No previous experience required, except for some fitness. Not suitable for people with claustrophobia or who do not feel comfortable in tight spaces.

Duration: 4-5 hours depending on the size and skill of the group.



  • Guides
  • Technical equipment for individuals and groups
  • Jumpsuits to avoid taking the mud home
  • Water
  • Activity pictures with professional flashes
  • Accident insurance and third-party liability insurance


  • Sports trousers, thermal shirt and fleece
  • Mountain footwear or wellies
  • Change of clothing and footwear
  • Hair band, headband or the like to tie long hair
  • Raincoat or umbrella for approaches