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nor3 | Canyoning in Cantabria | Chorretones


Level: Novice

Type of canyon: Filled with water all year round, there are a variety of obstacles, jumps, abseils, slides and down-climbing, it has a bit of everything and is easy. A good choice if you have no experience in canyoning but are looking for some action.

Approach and return: 20 to 30 minute walk along a track, then following an overgrown trail. Return: 30 to 45 minutes through the riverbed.

Requirements: No previous experience required, but a minimum of physical fitness and ability to swim.

Duration: Approximately 4 hours.



  • Guides
  • Technical equipment for individuals and groups
  • 2-piece wetsuit (5mm), neoprene gloves if is neccesary and neoprene
  • Water
  • Edited video (GoPro Hero3)
  • Accident insurance and third-party liability insurance


  • Swimming gear and tight T-shirt
  • Sports footwear (soled neoprene boots, sandals or water shoes are not acceptable)
  • Towel, spare clothes and shoes
  • Plastic bags for wet clothes and shoes
  • Hair band, headband or the like for tying long hair
  • If you wear glasses tie them to a strap or the like to avoid loss
  • Use of contact lenses is not advisable