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nor3 | Abseiling in Cantabria | Rapel Mur

Rapel Mur

What is abseiling?: It’s a technique for descending walls or steep sections using a rope. In the beginning, people would use ropes directly against their body to enhance friction and decrease the speed of the descent. Nowadays we use specific devices for this purpose – the figure eight, pulley abseil systems with or without brakes, tubular devices or the Grigri to name but a few.

Rapel Mur In the summer of 2013 nor3 set up several lines for abseiling in the area of Cueva Mur that are unique in this area. Two abseils of 35 metres each, linked by a 40 metre railing. No previous experience required. Not suitable for people with vertigo or who do not feel comfortable with heights.

Duration: Approximately 3 hours.



  • Guides
  • Technical equipment for individuals and groups
  • Water
  • Activity pictures
  • Accident insurance and third-party liability insurance


  • Sports trousers, thermal shirt and fleece
  • Raincoat
  • Mountain boots or sports shoes
  • Hair band, headband or the like for tying long hair