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nor3 | Caving courses in Cantabria

Caving Courses

Human beings have always had a mystical relationship to caves. Originally used as shelters, historical sites of past times, the place of myths and legends were later, starting in the thirteenth century the setting of incredible explorations motivated by a thirst for adventure.

It was in the nineteenth century, with the help of Édouard Alfred Martel and other explorers of the time, when caving acquired the status of scientific exploration and study of underground cavities. Over time, the exploratory trips ventured to ever longer distances and deeper depths. To allow progression through increasingly inaccessible terrain, cavers had to use equipment and techniques borrowed from alpinism. Since then however caving has developed its own specific gear and techniques.

Today, the sport component has gained much importance and given the evolution of equipment, techniques and training, cavers are reaching distances and depths that were unimaginable only a few decades before.

Caving Training Courses
To enable you to go caving safely, nor3 provides a complete and incremental training programme, given by certified instructors, who will open the doors to this fascinating underground world, with particular emphasis on your safety and autonomy.

Two levels, novice and advanced, with each including two modules. Each of these modules consists of two full training days. To complete our training package, nor3 also offers Short Specialisation Courses.

In the novice level (Novice-1 + Novice-2) you will acquire the necessary skills to tackle caving in known, equipped caves and with no major vertical drops or complex rigging.

The advanced level training is aimed at refining your skills and expanding the knowledge acquired in the novice level course. This level provides the necessary knowledge to take on more challenging exploration activities that require rigging and more sophisticated ropework.